Devvret Rishi on Powering Real-World AI with Declarative AI and Open Source

In this episode, Frank sits down and talks with Devvret Rishi on powering real-world AI projects with declarative ML and the importance of open source.

Andy was not able to attend this recording, but will be back next week!

Show Notes

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Speaker Bio

Devvret Rishi is a co-founder of Prediabase, a platform that helps engineers and developers productionize open source AI. The idea for Prediabase came from Rishi’s co-founder Piero’s experience at Uber, where he noticed that he was constantly reinventing the wheel with each new machine learning project. To streamline the process, he created a tool called Ludwig, which eventually became popular at Uber and was open sourced. Rishi’s work with Prediabase has revolutionized the way AI is developed and implemented in engineering teams around the world.


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