Day: January 19, 2024


Omnibot 2000: The $500 Drink Serving Robot from 1985!

Think that humanoid robots in the home are a new idea? This video is from LGR highlights a toy that I remember wanting badly. Unboxing and enjoying the Tomy Omnibot 2000! A 26-inch home robot that can speak, play music, bring you drinks, and generally felt like ‘THE FUTURE’ in the 80s. While still a […]

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CosmosDB Startups

Unlock the Power of Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore: An Interactive Session for Startups

Discover the seamless integration of your operational and transactional data with native vector indexing and search functionalities, specifically tailored for AI applications. Learn how to swiftly build RAG solutions by seamlessly connecting with Azure AI Studio to create chatbots using your own data. Explore the power of Azure Cosmos DB’s Copilot in simplifying complex query […]

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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Get 12 Years of Updates

This video from CodingBite has some good news for Ubuntu users. The interview guest was none other than Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical. He revealed that Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will be receiving 12 years of updates, and the same commitment would be made for some older LTS releases (without specifying any versions).

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Hardware Networking

Wi-Fi 7 is HERE – Find Out Why It’s Awesome

This video is from ThioJoe.

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How to Learn to Code using AI – ChatGPT Programming Tutorial (Full Course)

This tutorial from from teaches non-coders to build apps with ChatGPT. You can also try the interactive version of this course: Get ready for a unique approach to coding. Start building projects right away, without worrying about complex programming syntax. With ChatGPT handling the technical details, you can focus on the creative parts. […]

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CivicTech Interesting

The City That Grows With Each New Follower

This video from Battery Tea explores an interesting social/civic tech (sort of) experiment. Statville is now a year old! How crazy is that? It’s been a truly amazing experience building it. Thank you to everyone who’s joined so far and to all the community members that make it the great place that it is 🙂

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AI Open Source

How To Store ALL Of Humanity’s Knowledge IN YOUR HOME (Tutorial)

Let Matthew Berman show you how to securely store a large language model locally, so you have all human knowledge at your fingertips.

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Red Hat

OpenShift Commons: Platforms and Platform Engineering with Josh Gavant (Red Hat)

OpenShift Commons: Platforms and Platform Engineering with Josh Gavant (Red Hat) Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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Big Data Data Databricks

Introduction to Vector Search

High level introduction to Vector Search from Databricks. Brief demonstration of how to index a Delta table and execute similarity search using Databricks Vector Search’s new offering.

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