Day: December 2, 2023


How to make a Hologram in Blender in 15 minutes

This video from Blender Guru is a Blender tutorial on creating sci-fi, Bladerunner style hologram. No plugins required!

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Developer Javascript

How To Make Fun Multi-Window Websites

You have no doubt seen some of these multi-window browser app demos that defy explanation. At first, I thought they were faked using VFX, but, apparently, they are real. This video from Wes Bos explains how they work. Code here:

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

ChatGPT Turns One: Unleashing the Full Potential of AI

This video from The Deep Gripping Reality is perfect for tech enthusiasts, lifelong learners, and creative thinkers who want to grasp the full potential of AI. In this special video, I delve into how ChatGPT is revolutionizing communication and problem-solving. From creative brainstorming to advanced learning, discover the capabilities that make ChatGPT a groundbreaking tool.

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Interesting Science

How to become an expert in ANYTHING FAST (Ultralearning)

We live in an age of learning and the faster you can learn, the more successful you will be. This video from Unsolicited advice highlights some tactics for those looking to get to the next level. What if you could become an expert in literally any field? Imagine how great of a learner you would […]

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AI Science

Why was Sam Altman fired from OpenAI? 3 Theories

Sabine Hossenfelder talks about the leading theories for why Sam Altman got fired from OpenAI, cosmic rays with HUGE energies, evidence of a an overdue supervolcano eruption near Italy, an exoplanet on which it rains sand, Microsoft’s first AI-chip, why spiral galaxies like the Milky Way are so rare, how climate engineering could save the Antarctic, […]

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AI Large Language Models Video Production Virtual Reality

ChatGPT + Blender Will BLOW Your Mind!

Jake In Motion shows you how using ChatGPT will help you get more out of Blender. And besides just learning Blender, ChatGPT also helped me create two Add-ons that make lighting scenes SO much easier! I now have a Target Light option in my lights menu and a Cyc Wall object in the Mesh menu. […]

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Video Production Virtual Reality

2023 Blender Conference: Don’t Miss the Keynote

This video is the Blender Conference Keynote by Ton Roosendaal Blender.

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Beware: New USB Worm Spreading – ThreatWire

This video is from Hak5. LINKS

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Unraveling AI Terminology at AWS re:Invent 2023 (AIM107)

There’s a huge AI opportunity for organizations. Recent developments in generative AI have spurred excitement and worry. However, generative AI isn’t the answer for everything nor is it the only component of AI. To fully understand the best path forward, you need to understand all the components of AI, starting with definitions and use cases. […]

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