Day: November 29, 2023

AI Chatbots Large Language Models Privacy

BlindChat: The Intelligent ChatBot That Keeps Your Secrets Safe

This video from The Future Of AI on  BlindChat: The Intelligent ChatBot That Keeps Your Secrets Safe Have you ever heard of Blind Chat? Okay, you will now. Blind Chat is an open-source option to ChatGPT that puts privacy first. Their goal is to make the first chatbot that lives in your web browser. Please […]

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AWS re:Invent 2023 – Customer Keynote Riot Games

This video is from AWS Events. Riot Games, the development company behind League of Legends, VALORANT, and other popular online multiplayer games, is taking full advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver low latency and highly competitive experiences to players on a global scale. In this video, Brent Rich, head of global infrastructure and […]

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Whatever Happened To Browser Toolbars?

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the “old web,” watch this video is from Logically Answered. Remember toolbars? In the 2000s, toolbars were everywhere. You had toolbars for search, eCommerce, torrents, shortcuts, and basically everything else under the sun. And who could forget bloatware toolbars that would get installed when you were trying to install something […]

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Funny Site Updates Windows

Retro Frank’s World TV 5 (FWTV to Go) Live from Pentagon City: Announcing the AppCannon

This is an early example of Frank’s World TV. In fact, it’s the fifth show ever. I share it again here ten years after its publication after mentioning it on a recent episode of the Data Driven Podcast. It’s funny to watch this a decade after the disaster that was Windows 8 and how much […]

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iMessage for Android: A Security Risk You Should Know About

This video from Seytonic highlights the latest happenings in security. Sources: taken-down-in-24-hours/?comments=1&comments-page=1 blue-bubbles-to-android/

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AI AWS Data Driven Podcasts Site Updates

Diving into Re:Invent 2023: Open Sourcing Dingo and Being in the Top 2.5 Percent of Podcasts

In this jam-packed episode, Andy and I delve into a wide range of topics, from the chaos of podcast scheduling and the allure of Cyber Week deals, to the behind-the-scenes world of data engineering and AI professionals. Join us as we journey through the challenges of podcasting, the important roles of data engineers, and the […]

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Data Science Developer

How Data & Software Teams Can Collaborate to Ensure Smooth Data Integrations

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Conferences. ABSTRACT Imagine this scenario: The engineering team at your company is about to launch a new product or feature. The pressure is on the data team to deliver metrics and stats from the get-go, as everyone is keen to see how the new feature is performing. Behind the […]

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AI DevOps MLOps Red Hat

6 Observability Myths in AIOps Uncovered

Observability and monitoring? Aren’t they the same thing? That’s what a lot of people think, but they’re mistaken. This leads them to misinterpret other monitoring considerations. In this video, IBM VP Chris Farrell takes down six different observability myths one-by-one. Debunking the myths of observability →

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10 JavaScript changes you missed in 2023

Fireship explains ow has JavaScript and web development changed in 2023? Learn about the top 10 updates to Next.js, React, Angular, Vue, and Node.js.

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