Day: November 20, 2023


Narco-Subs: The Latest in High-Tech Smuggling

Megaprojects dives into the dangerous world of narco-submarines! Explore the secretive underworld of drug smuggling at sea and discover the incredible stories behind these covert vessels. You won’t believe what’s hidden below!

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GameDev Python

How to Create a Zelda style game in Python [with some Dark Souls elements]

This video is from Clear Code. A Zelda-style RPG in Python that includes a lot of elements you need for a sophisticated game like graphics and animations, fake depth; upgrade mechanics, a level map and quite a bit more.

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AI Current Events

Watch a timeline of the drama between Sam Altman, OpenAI and Microsoft

CNBC has compiled this timeline of the unfolding drama at OpenAI. Hundreds of OpenAI employees have signed a letter threatening to join former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman at Microsoft if OpenAI’s remaining board members resign. Altman was forced out of OpenAI on Friday by the company’s board over communication issues. OpenAI’s chief technology officer Mira […]

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