Day: November 5, 2023

AI AWS Generative AI

How Integrating Foundation Models into Your Code with Amazon Bedrock

This video is from AWS Developers. Discover Amazon Bedrock and learn how to integrate generative AI models from leading AI startups and Amazon into your applications. In this video, AWS Senior Developer Advocate Mike Chambers steps through how to use Boto3, the Python SDK for AWS, to make text generations with models such as Anthropic […]

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Privacy Security

How Some Governments Eliminate HTTPS/TLS Encryption!

This video is from Rob Braxman Tech. Our ability to communicate privately is under siege from multiple fronts. While the Five Eye countries seek to bypass end-to-end encryption, some countries already eliminate even STANDARD WEB encryption. So depending on who you’re communicating with there’s already someone watching. This video explains how they do it and […]

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Pwnagotchi — hacking WiFi networks in seconds | Real Experiment

In this video, Sumsub showcases the power of the Pwnagotchi, cheap wifi hacking device. Witness how cybercriminals can hack your wifi network in seconds just by standing near you and leaving you exposed and vulnerable to identity theft, data breaches, and more.

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A Guide of how to get started in IT in 2023 – Top IT Career Paths

This video is from TechWorld with Nana. In this video I want to give you kind of a roadmap of how to get into the IT world. The tech industry is currently one of the hottest industries for the job market, so it’s completely logical that so many people are thinking about changing careers to […]

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AI Azure Generative AI Large Language Models

Azure OpenAI Services: Smarter Document Searches In No Time!

This video is from Tech on Fire. Unlock the potential of your documents with Azure OpenAI services! In this insightful tutorial, we do an intro into how Azure’s powerful AI capabilities with #OpenAI and #gpt4 can revolutionize the way you search and interact with your data. In this guide will look at how you can […]

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Google Red Hat

Get started with OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Marketplace today!

With the release of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Marketplace you can now take advantage of a flexible pricing model, receiving just one invoice from Google Cloud, with all the benefits of OpenShift Dedicated running in your own Google Cloud account. OpenShift Dedicated is a fully managed solution that is engineered, operated, and […]

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Remember Remember the 5th of November – V for Vendetta

Given today’s date, posting this video seemed appropriate. “Remember Remember the 5th of November” scene from the movie V for Vendetta.

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AI AWS Generative AI Large Language Models

How to Use LangChain Templates for AWS Bedrock

This video from Fahd Mirza shows how to install and run LangChain Templates with Amazon Bedrock. LangChain template offers a collection of easily deployable reference architectures that anyone can use.

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