Day: October 20, 2023

Open Source Red Hat

Welcome to the Commons: Unlock the Potential of Collaboration

Earlier this week, I spoked at the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Raleigh. What is OpenShift Commons? Karena Angell from Red Hat explains as she welcomes attendees to OpenShift Commons Gathering, Amsterdam 2023, with a talk about the power of collaboration.

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Interesting Microsoft

How Excel Beat VisiCalc & Lotus 1-2-3!

Before the AI Wars and the Browser Wars, there was the Spreadsheet Wars. This video is from Tech History Channel. Visicalc was one of the first spreadsheet software programs ever released, released in 1979, it was an immediate success and quickly became the go-to tool for businesses and individuals looking to organize and analyze data. […]

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AI Large Language Models Robotics

How Does this Robot Uses ChatGPT 4 To Do The Dishes

In this video from Dead Tech, see how this new AI robot from X1 Technologies use Open AI’s newest update Chat GPT 4V.

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Framework Cyberdeck – DIY Portable PC

This video is from Ben Makes Everything.

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Microsoft’s “Pathetic” Operating Systems – Steve Ballmer and Breakfast at Denny’s with Dave Cutler

In this video from Dave’s Garage, Dave Cutler discusses how Steve Ballmer “fleeced” him at a Denny’s, plus how RISC architecture challenged the status quo in the late 1980s.

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Red Hat

Red Hat Engineering VP Tracy Rankin on the growth of the Kubernetes ecosystem

This video is from OpenShift. “The partners and the teams around the core Kubernetes are really starting to explode,” says Tracy Rankin, Vice President of OpenShift Engineering at Red Hat.

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Data Visualization

A* (A-Star) Pathfinding Algorithm Visualization on a Real Map

This video is from ones and zeros. A* (A Star) pathfinding algorithm visualized on the city streets of Chicago and Rome. Data from OpenStreetMap, OSMnx – intersections of streets represented as nodes and streets as edges Tools used for visualization – Python, Blender

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing: Will It End Traditional Tech as We Know It?

This video is from TechnoLogic. Venture into the realm of quantum computing, where the laws of classical physics no longer apply, and traditional tech faces an existential challenge. We dissect the promises, mysteries, and potential disruptions brought forth by this groundbreaking technology. Join us as we explore the quantum world and its potential to revolutionize […]

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AI Large Language Models Research

LLMs as Operating System (Memory) CRAZY START?

This video is from 1littlecoder. MemGPT (Memory-GPT), a system that intelligently manages different memory tiers in order to effectively provide extended context within the LLM’s limited context window, and utilizes interrupts to manage control flow between itself and the user. We evaluate our OS-inspired design in two domains where the limited context windows of modern […]

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Azure Red Hat

How to forward your logs in Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift to Azure Blob Storage

Michael Ducy, senior manager of the Black Belts, an elite group inside the Red Hat OpenShift team, and Nerav Doshi, senior Black Belt, walk us through the steps and procedures needed to setup blob storage on Microsoft Azure Cloud to receive log files from Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

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