Day: October 15, 2023

AI Research

NVIDIA’s AI Learned On 40,000,000,000 Materials!

This video from Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Real-Time Neural Appearance Models.”

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Why You Should not Connect Your Phone To Your Car!

This video is from NBTV, with Naomi Brockwell. Modern cars are a privacy nightmare. It’s worse than you realize. In this video we dive into all the types of data your car is collecting about you: from video footage, microphone recordings, location data, biometrics, all the way to files/contacts/photos ingested from your phone!

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Unusual Houses For Sale That People Refuse to Buy

This video from Kyle McGran highlights homes that no one will buy even in this housing market.

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GameDev Javascript

JavaScript 2D GAMEDEV Masterclass 2023

This video is from Franks laboratory (no relation). Today we are building an animated 2d game completely from scratch with no frameworks and no libraries using just plain vanilla JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. Discover many 2D game development techniques and learn how to implement them with JavaScript. We will cover everything from keyboard and mouse […]

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