Day: October 14, 2023

AI Generative AI Large Language Models Research

Promptbreeder: Self-Referential Self-Improvement Via Prompt Evolution (Paper Explained)

This video is from Yannic Kilcher. Promptbreeder is a self-improving self-referential system for automated prompt engineering. Give it a task description and a dataset, and it will automatically come up with appropriate prompts for the task. This is achieved by an evolutionary algorithm where not only the prompts, but also the mutation-prompts are improved over […]

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Maker Space

How to Use a RTL SDR Dongle to receive pictures from the ISS! | Software Defined Radio

This video is from Ham Radio DX. Did you know the International Space Station (ISS) periodically sends SSTV (slow scan television) images over the air? You can decode them too using an RTL SDR software defined radio dongle which is around $30-$50. A simple antenna is all that is needed.

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Outlier detection and removal using IQR | Feature engineering tutorial python # 4

This video is from codebasics. IQR is another technique that one can use to detect and remove outliers. The formula for IQR is very simple. IQR = Q3-Q1. Where Q3 is 75th percentile and Q1 is 25th percentile. Once you have IQR you can find upper and lower limit by removing this formula, lower_limit = […]

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AI GameDev Virtual Reality

Unreal Engine 3 – Unlock the Power of Next Level Tech!

This video is from Two Minute Papers. The announcement is available here:

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Current Events Security

Hacktivists Target Israel… What’s Happened So Far?

This video is from Seytonic. Sources:

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AI Developer Hardware

CUDA Simply Explained – GPU vs CPU Parallel Computing for Beginners

In this tutorial, Python Simplified talks about CUDA and how it helps us accelerate the speed of our programs. By the end of this video – we will install CUDA and perform a quick speed test comparing the speed of our GPU with the speed of our CPU. We will create 2 extremely large data […]

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Developer Science

Wired! How your brain learns new programming languages By Simone de Gijt

This video is from Devoxx.

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