Day: September 30, 2023


Innovative Solar Power Generator – Portable & Quiet Energy

This video is from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re checking out a portable solar power generator prototype that has 3 kW of solar panels integrated into the walls of a covered trailer. Inside there’s a battery bank, a charge controller, and an inverter, as well as some electrical outlets to make charging easy. This […]

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How do Electron Microscopes Work?

This video is from Branch Education. The nanoscopic world is wild!! Looking at basic objects like a grain of salt under an electron microscope looks like nothing you would have expected. Furthermore, have you ever wondered whether seeing a single atom is possible? Or how do scientists and engineers create only a few nanometers wide […]

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Current Events

NYC is Under Water

This video from Casey Neistat covers the recent flooding in NYC.

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Containers Hardware

How to Create and Share Virtual Machines for Teaching and Development

This video is from an excellently named YouTube channel Learning and Technology with Frank. (No relation) Do you need to get students or a team all working on a computer system that is consistently configured? Using Virtual Machines and their hard drives you can easily create a sharable sandbox. In this video, I’ll show you […]

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AWS Javascript

Modern Tooling for Your Website using AWS, Contentful & Next.js | Amazon Web Services

This video is from Amazon Web Services. In this video, I’ll share my workflow from beginning to end to help you get an A-level Lighthouse performance blog website while reducing maintenance friction as much as possible. I’ll show you how to store your content with a Contentful model, access the content from a Next.js app […]

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Essential Finance & Economics for Businesses – Crash Course

In this course from on Finance & Economics for Businesses, you will learn the fundamentals of business strategy and the interplay between these three fields. You will understand how large-scale macroeconomic changes can affect businesses while also understanding how small details in financial documents can indicate a company’s financial risk. This course lays the […]

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Project Management Tutorial: 11 Years of Experience in 45 Minutes – Get Results Fast

This video is from IT Project Managers. Project Management should not be complicated. In 40 minutes, I’ll explain the whole Practical Project Management Framework that I’ve been using for 10 years as a software project manager. I’ll also share resources that will help you become a great project manager in 30 days.

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AI Data Driven Livestream Raspberry Pi

Twingate, AI, and Raspberry Pi

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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How To Really Learn Linux

This video is from Gary Newell. This is an introductory video to future sessions which will really go through how to learn desktop Linux.

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