Day: September 27, 2023

Video Production

Here’s why Virtual Production Screens are taking over Hollywood.

Sara Dietschy explains how virtual production screens are revolutionizing not only large Hollywood productions, but small independent film makers as well.

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Containers Red Hat

How to Deploy a HA Openstack HomeLab with MaaS and the Juju CLI

This video is from Sean Shuping. In today’s experiment I do a technical deep dive on how I deployed a Highly Available Openstack cloud in my homelab with MaaS and the Juju CLI.

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AI Computer Vision

How to Identify anomaly images using convolutional autoencoders

This video is from DigitalSreeni. Code generated in the video can be downloaded from here:

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Developer Python

How to BYPASS sophisticated ANTI-BOT systems!

This video is from Code with Ania Kubów.

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