Day: September 20, 2023

Data Science Python

Anomaly Detection with Isolation Forest with Python

This video is from DecisionForest.

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How Criminals Are Using Spotify To Launder Money

This video is from Verity. Spotify, the renowned streaming powerhouse, has undeniably emerged as a dominant force in the music industry over this past decade. Their meteoric rise can largely be credited to their ability in providing listeners with an extensive array of free music… So why is this industry titan under scrutiny for aiding […]

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What Are the TOP Tech Certifications for 2024? And How Much Do They Pay?

This video is from Tiff In Tech. Its no secret that getting a certification in tech can help you stand out from others. In this video, I look into the top tech certifications that will be in high demand in 2024 and boost your salary. Whether you’re looking to break into IT, become a coder, […]

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Interesting Linux

The Computer Chronicles – Windows 98 (1998)

This video is from The Computer Chronicles and tracks the launch of Windows 98 as well as a new upstart Windows alternative called Linux.

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Big Data

Ray Summit 2023: Day 1 Keynote

Ray is the most popular open source framework for scaling and productionizing AI workloads. From Generative AI and LLMs to computer vision, Ray powers the world’s most ambitious AI workloads.

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Accelerate Your GO Skills: Full Tutorial

This is a full tutorial on learning Golang! From start to finish in less than an hour, including a full demo of how to build and api in Go. No fluff, just what you need to know.

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Surprising Technology We Still Use Despite Being Terribly Outdated

Discover the enduring technology of the past with! Dive into the world of fax machines, steam power, Windows XP, floppy disks, and pagers that still play crucial roles in today’s industries. Join us on this fascinating journey through history and technology.

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Hardware Interesting

60,000W Emergency Backup Power: Solar, Battery & Gas Generators

Dave from Dave’s Garage provides a tour of 60,000W of emergency backup power ranging from a single PC to an entire home.

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Expert Hacker Answers Penetration Test Questions | Tech Support | WIRED

Hacker and expert security consultant Jayson E. Street joins WIRED to answer your penetration test questions from Twitter. What does penetration testing entail? What are some of the most underrated physical tools used for pen tests? How can I tell if my home wifi network is compromised? This video is from WIRED.

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