Day: September 5, 2023


The $16 Billion Program to Rebuild Failing Northeast Corridor

The Northeast Corridor is the most used rail line in the United States. But one of its most crucial components, an 11 mile stretch between Newark, NJ and New York City, is quickly falling victim to time. To combat this, Amtrak has began the construction of a $16 billion plan to revive the most crucial […]

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AI Large Language Models Open Source

How To Install Code LLaMA 70b 👑 With Cloud GPU (Huge Model, Incredible Performance)

In this video, Matthew Berman explains how to set up Code LLaMA on Runpod, a cloud GPU service. Code LLaMA gives you GPT4-like coding performance but is entirely free and open-source.

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AI Mathematics

When Computers Write Proofs, What’s the Point of Mathematicians?

Andrew Granville knows that artificial intelligence will profoundly change math. The programming language Lean already plays a role in theorem proving. That’s why the University of Montreal number theorist has started talking to philosophers about the nature of mathematical proof — and how the discipline of mathematics might evolve in the age of AI. Read […]

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AI Video Production Virtual Reality

Gaussian Splatting! The next big thing in 3D!

In this video, Olli Huttunen embarks on a fascinating exploration of Gaussian Splatting, a cutting-edge technique that brings a touch of magic to computer graphics and visualization! I recently take a look on this 3D technique and found it very intresting. Check out NeRF Guru Jonathan Stephens beginner guide in here:

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AI Science

How a Brain Implant and AI Gave a Woman with Paralysis Her Voice Back

This video is from UC San Francisco (UCSF). Ann is helping researchers develop new brain-computer technology (BCI) that could one day allow stroke survivors like her to communicate more naturally through a digital avatar that resembles a person. The breakthrough technology was developed by researchers from UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley and decodes Ann’s […]

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Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Creating your first Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric

This video is from Guy in a Cube. It’s time to show the Data Warehouse within Microsoft Fabric some love! Patrick walks you through how you can get started with your first Data Warehouse using Data Pipelines. What is data warehousing in Microsoft Fabric? Microsoft Fabric decision guide: data warehouse or lakehouse Data […]

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Azure Azure Synapse

High Concurrency Mode in Microsoft Fabric

Fabric Espresso Presents: High Concurrency Mode in Microsoft Fabric. Learn about how high concurrency mode works in Fabric Spark for Notebooks 🔥🔥🔥  Ever wondered how to optimize your Spark sessions in Microsoft Fabric for both Data Engineering and Data Science workloads? This video is your one-stop guide to understanding High Concurrency Mode in Fabric Spark […]

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Interesting Space

How To Get Live Satellite Images Directly From Space

This video is from saveitforparts. By popular request, here’s my attempt at a “simple” how-to starter guide for weather satellite decoding. This was surprisingly difficult to put together, taking me several days and multiple attempts to get it right. It also ended up being over 20 minutes long! According to my recent polls, you the […]

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AI Large Language Models Python

“Catching up on the weird world of LLMs” – Simon Willison (North Bay Python 2023)

This video is from North Bay Python. This talk will attempt to summarize everything I’ve learned about them over the past year: how they are built, what they can do, what they can’t do and how we can best tame them and use them to solve interesting problems. LLMs don’t have to be large: I’ll […]

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