Day: August 24, 2023

Azure Big Data Data Data Warehouse Microsoft

Your data is in the Lakehouse, but now what? | Microsoft Fabric (Public Preview)

This video is from Guy in a Cube. You’ve got your data into OneLake and a Lakehouse, but now what? What can you do with that data after you’ve landed it in Microsoft Fabric? Justyna walks us through different areas where you can leverage your data throughout fabric. From data warehouses to even Power BI!

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Interesting Solar

Why you haven’t seen these wind turbines around (yet)

This video from DW Planet A explroes a better type of wind turbine. While we’ve grown accustomed to seeing solar panels on rooftops, what about wind turbines? Are they destined to be overshadowed by their bigger counterparts? What challenges are hindering the implementation of small-scale wind turbines and what are possible solutions for more wind […]

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AI FinTech Large Language Models

How They Built a 50 Billion Parameter Financial Language Model

This video is from Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS). We will present BloombergGPT, a 50 billion parameter language model, purpose-built for finance and trained on a uniquely balanced mix of standard general-purpose datasets and a diverse array of financial documents from the Bloomberg archives. Building a large language model (LLM) is a costly and time-intensive […]

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Microsoft Python

Microsoft Excel just got Python

Microsoft Excel just added support for Python, allowing developers to code and run custom functions directly inside a spreadsheet. Let’s take a first look at how Python support will work in Excel.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

LangChain – Advanced SQL in Natural Language and SQL Prompt Engineering

This video from Scientific Coding provides examples of advanced SQL natural language prompt engineering and how to provide context needed for the LLM inside the prompt.

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AI FinTech Red Hat

Fraud Detection UseCase on Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

This article ( provides an AI/ML use case for detecting fraudulent transactions in a financial institution on RHODS.

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AI Large Language Models

A Theory for Emergence of Complex Skills in Language Models

This video is from Simons Institute. A major driver of AI today is the fact that new skills emerge in language models when their parameter set and training corpora are scaled up. This phenomenon is poorly understood, and a mechanistic explanation via mathematical analysis of gradient-based training seems difficult. The current paper takes a different […]

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AI Neural Networks

Watching Neural Networks Learn

This video is from Emergent Garden. A video about neural networks, function approximation, machine learning, and mathematical building blocks. Dennis Nedry did nothing wrong. This is a submission for #SoME3

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Interesting Mathematics

Why Calculators Lie: Can You Solve This Simple Math Problem?

Dave takes us on a journey beginning with an incredibly simple math problem that many people – and even calculators – get wrong.

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Get your measures organized in Power BI

This video is from Guy in a Cube. As you make more measures in your Power BI Dataset, it can get hard to find the one you need. Sure you can use search… But you can also organize your measures to make it easier to find them. Patrick shows you how!

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