Day: August 14, 2023

Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Computing? a very simple explanation

This video is from Billy Brunger.

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Containers Red Hat

Containers at the Edge

IBM Developer Advocate Dan Kehn explains the importance of Containers at the Edge and how this helps us to bring tech out of the cloud and onto the devices we use every day in a scalable and secure way.

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Unveiling the New Features in VS Code & GitHub Copilot

Hot on the heels of my presentation Friday, I really enjoyed this video is from Visual Studio Code. Explore the newest features of Copilot in VS Code that go way beyond chat. From automatic suggestions in code reviews, scaffolding new projects, and sharing chat sessions, this is the ultimate catch-up guide for everything new in […]

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Generative AI Large Language Models

Web Scraping with ChatGPT Code Interpreter is Mind-Blowing!

In this video from The PyCoach, we’ll see how to do web scraping using ChatGPT Code Interpreter.

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AI Deep Fakes Ethics Generative AI

Is Hollywood as We Know It Over?

After seeing this YouTube video, I really to wonder about the future of Hollywood as we know it. This was streamed live on FranksWorldTV.

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AI Big Data Data Data Science

How to Read Giant Datasets Fast – 3 Tips For Better Data Science Skills

This video is from Python Simplified. We’ve learned how to work with data. But how about massive amounts of data? as in – files with millions of rows, tens of gigabytes in size, and ages of staring at your computer waiting for everything to load? Luckily, in this tutorial, I will show you how to […]

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Did the EU Really Just Change Smartphones Forever?

This video is from ColdFusion. A new EU law will require all mobile devices to have user-replaceable batteries by 2027. In this episode we take a look at the law, it’s consequences and right to repair.

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Inside CERN’s ‘antimatter factory’ creating antihydrogen – BBC News

This video is from BBC News. Our universe is full of matter, and each and every particle of matter, theoretically, has an anti-matter counterpart. These allusive particles have fascinated physicists for decades. And now the Antimatter Factory at CERN has succeeded in creating antihydrogen. Researchers hope it could help answer one of the universe’s biggest […]

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How To Use GitHub Copilot (with Python Examples)

In this video, pixegami will be taking a look at GitHub copilot – which I think is potentially the most impressive software developer tool to be released in the past year.

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