Day: June 20, 2023


Searching For Space Pirates On Old Military Satellites

The YouTube channel saveitforparts proves that we are in the future. Back in the 1970s the US launched a number of satellite radio repeaters to geostationary orbit. They neglected to put any kind of access control or security on these, so criminals, hackers, and random radio users have taken them over. If you have an […]

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Battle Of The Planets Explored – This Epic Engrossing Space Adventure Cartoon

Recently, I saw a meme about “Battle of the Planets” on Facebook. Marvelous Videos provides an overview. If you were a kid in the late 1970s, you probably had Star Wars fever, which meant that almost everything space-related was a huge deal. You probably wished for the massive Millennium Falcon toy that no one could afford and […]

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Quantum Computing

The Secrets Of Quantum Computing

Join Tech Inquiry as they explore the astonishing breakthroughs that are set to transform the way we process information. From exponentially faster calculations to solving complex problems previously thought impossible, quantum computing holds the key to a technological revolution.

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Introduction to Kusto Query Language

In this session, learn how to write queries in Kusto Query Language (KQL) in the context of Azure Monitor and Microsoft Sentinel. It covers best practices, design, how to create queries in the interface and leveraging scalar/aggregation functions and much more.

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Top 6 Most Popular API Architecture Styles

This video is from ByteByteGo.

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The Dingo | A Low Cost, Open-Source Robot Quadruped

This video from Nathan Ferguson details the creation of the Dingo, a low-cost robot quadruped designed and built by: Alexander Calvert Nathan Ferguson The Dingo was created as a capstone engineering project for the Bachelor of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering at Monash University. Code for the Dingo: 3d CAD: (Solidworks)

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AI Large Language Models

How to Transform ChatGPT into any Expert with Unlimited Excel Data!

Here’s a step-by-step guide from Tech-At-Work on how to fine-tune ChatGPT on unlimited excel data. You can make ChatGPT an expert in any subject now! I’ll then show you how to interact and prompt your fine-tuned bot from an easy program you can share with friends and coworkers! Colab Notebook with code from video:

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Data Science Python

Thomas Bierhance: Polars – make the switch to lightning-fast dataframes

In this talk from PyData, get a report on our experiences switching from Pandas to Polars in a real-world ML project. Polars is a new high-performance dataframe library for Python based on Apache Arrow and written in Rust. We will compare the performance of polars with the popular pandas library, and show how polars can […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Open Source

Guanaco 65B: 99% ChatGPT Performance 🔥 Using NEW QLorRA Tech

This video is from Matthew Berman. In this video, we review Guanaco, the new 65B parameter model that achieves 99% of the performance of ChatGPT. It is truly incredible. Since it is a large model, we use a cloud GPU to power it. This model can code, has logic and reasoning, can do creative writing, […]

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Red Hat

How to Install ODF on bare metal with IBM Storage Fusion

IBM Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) Ben Randall walks you through how to install ODF on bare metal with IBM Storage Fusion.

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