AnsibleFest 2023: The automation moment—and beyond

As the challenges facing our industry continue to grow in scale and severity, something that has become clear is that automation is no longer a nice to have—it’s a strategic imperative.

Watch the AnsibleFest 2023 keynote to get actionable insights directly from Ansible contributors, customers, and technologists who are meeting the automation moment and going beyond.

Learn how the Ansible community is forging a new way to think about enterprise open source. See how Ansible is evolving to tackle complexity, in ways that might reshape the automation landscape. Learn more about the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and IT automation. Discover how Ansible can be used in new ways to unlock more efficient Day 2 operations. Find out why the next wave of automation will be event-driven and how your organization can ride it.

The moment to take automation to the next level is here. Don’t miss it.

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