Day: May 24, 2023

Developer Google

What’s new in Dart and Flutter?

Learn the latest from Dart and Flutter, including how they enable you to build beautiful native apps for any platform. This session covers breakthrough graphics performance, seamless integration, emerging architectures and platforms, and developer experience.

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AI Open Source

Who is the Man OpenAI Fears The Most

This is the man OpenAI fears the most. His name is Emad Mostaque and he is the CEO of David Ondrej explains.

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Top 5 Solar Energy Advances Using Perovskites

For years, perovskite solar cells have promised revolutionary improvements compared to traditional silicon solar panels. Perovskite could hold the key to higher efficiency at lower costs and in some cases has shown a 250% performance boost. But scientists have been working on improving this solar energy tech since the 1990s. What do we have to […]

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AI Large Language Models Security

Accidental LLM Backdoor – Prompt Tricks

In this video LiveOverflow explores various prompt tricks to manipulate the AI to respond in ways we want, even when the system instructions want something else. This can help us better understand the limitations of LLMs.

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AI Generative AI

How Mind-bending AI Is Changing Art And VFX Forever

This video is from Matt Wolfe. Here’s some of the latest research and coolest tools that I’ve come across over the past few weeks. I’m trying to get more of a routine down with content so that you have a better idea of what to expect. Here’s my current plan…

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DevOps Red Hat

AnsibleFest 2023: The automation moment—and beyond

As the challenges facing our industry continue to grow in scale and severity, something that has become clear is that automation is no longer a nice to have—it’s a strategic imperative. Watch the AnsibleFest 2023 keynote to get actionable insights directly from Ansible contributors, customers, and technologists who are meeting the automation moment and going […]

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AI Hardware

How to build next-gen AI services with NVIDIA AI on Azure Cloud?

Advancements in generative AI are transforming every industry. Powering the technology is NVIDIA AI, the world’s most advanced AI platform with full-stack innovation in computing, software, and AI models and services. Organizations can engage the platform at any layer on Azure Cloud. This session discusses and demonstrates how developers can utilize NVIDIA AI platform software […]

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Red Hat

Red Hat Summit 2023: Optimize to innovate at scale

Red Hat Summit is taking place this week and here is the day 2 keynote. Register for the virtual experience to join in on the goodness.  Every organization wants to be able to operate at cloud scale—this means meeting growing or shrinking demand at a moment’s notice, adding and expanding new services in days if […]

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