Day: May 23, 2023

AI Large Language Models Research

Unlock 🚀 900% Logic & Reasoning Improvement with New Prompt (GPT-4)

In this video, Matthew Berman reviews a recently published paper from Google Deepmind and Princeton that describes a new prompting technique to achieve far greater accuracy on logic and reasoning problems with ChatGPT (GPT-4). I’ll also show you how to install and run code implementing this technique. Links: Paper – GitHub –

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Data Science Red Hat

Red Hat Summit 2023: Innovation doesn’t rely on your IT budget

This video is from Red Hat Summit 2023. If doing more with less is now the reality of the business world, where does this leave innovation? Tightened budgets certainly seem to indicate that IT organizations should focus just on keeping operations online, but what if they didn’t have to choose between maintenance and transformation? What […]

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