Day: May 18, 2023

Large Language Models Privacy

How To Install PrivateGPT – Chat With PDF, TXT, and CSV Files Privately! (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install PrivateGPT, which allows you to chat directly with your documents (PDF, TXT, and CSV) completely locally, securely, privately, and open-source. PrivateGPT is the top trending github repo right now and it’s super impressive. It uses GPT4All to power the chat. Links: PrivateGPT – GPT4All […]

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Linux Windows

Does the BAD design of WINDOWS hurts LINUX desktops

This video is from The Linux Experiment. This is going to be controversial, but the Windows menu, or really the whole start menu paradigm is bad. This menu is used to start and open things. It’s not a multitasking experience. So having a menu that occupies a small corner of your screen is not great. […]

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CivicTech Interesting

The Worst Website Launch of All Time (seriously)

Kevin Fang highlights the dumpster fire that was the launch of Interestingly enough, the failure of this launch led to a real boom in civic tech. With a $464,000,000 budget and a timeline of three years, CMS and company attempt to build a website. Unfortunately, it does not go as planned. Sources:

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Google Large Language Models

Prototyping language apps with Generative AI Studio

Did you know generative AI allows developers to prototype applications quickly? In this video is from Google Cloud Tech learn how developers can quickly explore and customize AI models that can be leveraged in Google Cloud applications. Watch along and see how developers, with the right tools, can experiment with new ideas in minutes instead […]

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How Everyone Upgrades Google Sheets with ChatGPT

Goda Go provides 4 Simple (no-coding) Steps to Upgrade Google Sheets with ChatGPT API Key.

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Data SQL Server

Database Q&A Office Hours At Sea!

Not only does Brent Ozar have a cool car, he’s answering your database questions from a boat!

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AI Current Events Ethics

Get Ready: AI Regulation is Coming

Up until now, it’s all been fun and games, but AI leaders met with U.S congress yesterday to discuss the risks that artificial intelligence pose to society and recommended that the government create a regulatory body for oversight. What does regulation mean for the future of GPT-4, Bard, and other popular AI products? Will it help […]

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