Day: May 14, 2023


How to Built a Smarter Smart Home

This video is from Fireship. Learn how to setup a private smart home from scratch with Home Assistant and a Raspberry Pi. Add the OpenAI integration to give GPT-4 and ChatGPT access to your home’s data.

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Open Source

The Making of GNU: The World’s First Open-Source Software

This video is from ForrestKnight. The GNU Project was the first widely recognized open source software project, as we understand the term today (the practice of sharing and collaborating on software code predates GNU by several years). The making of the GNU Project is a story that every tech enthusiast should know.

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AI VFX Video Production

Replace Your Actor with a CG Character in One Click

This video is from the one and only Film Riot. Can you replace your actor with a CG character with just one click? Wonder Studio from Wonder Dynamics aims to make that a reality. But how good is it?

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Career Data

5 Ways to Learn Data Analytics By Solving Real-Life Problems

In this video from codebasics, learn about the best way to learn data analytics: to start doing data analysis for real-life problems.

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