Day: May 11, 2023

AI Generative AI Google

10 crazy announcements from Google I/O

Google made a ton of exciting announcements at I/O yesterday related to AI, web development, Android, Flutter, and more. Catch up on the 10 biggest updates for developers in this video is from Fireship.

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Why Salt Water may be the Future of Batteries

This video is from Undecided with Matt Ferrell. There’s no shortage of solutions to the world’s need for renewable energy storage, but there is a shortage of accessible and cheap resources to use for those solutions. Lithium and vanadium aren’t limitless, so what about regular, run-of-the-mill salt? Redox flow batteries, or RFBs, can exploit the […]

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AI Ethics Large Language Models

Why Do Large Language Models Hallucinate

In this video, Martin Keen explains the different types of “LLMs hallucinations”, why they happen, and ends with recommending steps that you, as a LLM user, can take to minimize their occurrence. Large language models (LLMs) like chatGPT can generate authoritative-sounding prose on many topics and domains, they are also prone to just “make stuff […]

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AI Red Hat

IBM Watson X Human Resources AI demonstration

In this video is from DeeperThanBlue Ltd watch an IBM Watson X HR demonstration of AI for business.

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Data Driven Livestream

Data Driven Season 7 Premiere

Andy and I live stream the Season 7 Premiere of their podcast.

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