Day: April 20, 2023

AI Generative AI

Midjourney AI: How Is This Even Possible?

In this video is from Two Minute Papers Károly Zsolnai-Fehér reflects on how far image generation tech has come.

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Brainstorming ChatGPT Business Ideas With A Billionaire (#438)

My First Million Episode 438: Shaan Puri and Sam Parr talk to Hubspot Co-founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah about all things artificial intelligence (AI), the countless business opportunities from AI, and why Dharmesh is saying AI is – and will be – bigger than the internet.

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Data Science Mastery with ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Learn Faster!

Unlock the power of ChatGPT to master data science & engineering. In this video from DecisionForest learn how to turbocharge your skills with clear prompts, epic data cleaning, visualisations and machine learning algorithms without any data science prior knowledge.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Google Developers Reveal the Future of AI: 60 Minutes Investigates the AI Revolution

You know that AI has gone mainstream when it gets covered by 60 Minutes. Competitive pressure among tech giants is propelling society into the future of artificial intelligence, ready or not. Scott Pelley dives into the world of AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Introduction – AZ-900 Certification Course

John Savill’s Technical Training provides this Introduction to the full AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course.

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Reverse Engineering a Virus Downloaded from Discord – A Cautionary Tale

This video is from Low Level Learning. A hacker put malware on a Discord server that I hang out on, so naturally I downloaded it to see what it did. Instead of just running the software, I tried to reverse engineer it to get a peek underneath the hood at the assembly and see what […]

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Developer Open Source

Is the Ru$t Language in Trouble?

In this video from Low Level Learning, learn about the trademark policy drama in the Rust Language and what you can and can’t say.

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Generative AI Video Production

Explore the Boundaries of AI Animation: Reach the Next Level

Prompt Muse explores how to create AI actors using 3D puppets and LoRa technology. I’ll take you through a step-by -step process of my work flow. From a guide to training with LoRa, all the way to rendering from Automatic1111.

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Learn Python Dictionary with Edureka Certification Training

Learn all about Python dictionary in this Edureka video.

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Ray Dalio’s Principles for Success: Learn in 30 Minutes

This video is from Principles by Ray Dalio. Join me on a thought-provoking adventure in my new animated mini-series, Principles for Success. I’ve taken my book Principles, and distilled it into a 30 minute ultra mini series that focuses on the life principles that have helped me the most.

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