Day: April 11, 2023

AI Ethics

Responsible AI Mitigations and Tracker

On this episode of the AI Show, Besmira Nushi and Marah Abdin stop by to demo two new releases as part of the Responsible AI Toolbox. The Responsible AI Mitigations library and Python library for implementing and exploring mitigations for Responsible AI. And the Responsible AI Tracker – JupyterLab extension for tracking, comparing, and validating […]

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Security Windows

Get Rid of Malware & Viruses on Windows PCs with FREE & Easy Software!

This video is from Ask Your Computer Guy. Most people are aware when something is wrong with their computer, but it isn’t always obvious what the problem is. Sometimes you can have a lethal and viral infection and not even know that you could be spreading it across the internet! Usually pop-up windows, slow computer […]

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AI Economics of AI Generative AI Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot: Is This the End of Office Jobs?

Microsoft just announced a tool that will create huge trouble for Google. With Microsoft Copilot users will be able to use artificial intelligence inside all their Microsoft software such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Teams, Outlook and others. It’s also a preview of what kind of User Interfaces we will soon have everywhere based on AI […]

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AI Ethics Generative AI

How to Be Responsible with Generative AI

On this week’s episode, Sarah and Seth talk about the importance of being responsible with Generative AI like ChatGPT. Sarah will discuss some of the underlying responsible AI principles and how they fit together when building applications that rely on this technology. Sarah will also help Seth incorporate these principles into a demo app he […]

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Printer Hacking 101 | Don’t Get Caught Unaware

WireDogSec takes a look at how printers can be vulnerable and become useful to an attacker.

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Data Ingestion using Auto Loader

In this video is from Databricks, you will learn how to ingest your data using Auto Loader. Ingestion with Auto Loader allows you to incrementally process new files as they land in cloud object storage while being extremely cost-effective at the same time. It can ingest JSON, CSV, PARQUET, and other file formats. Access more […]

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CosmosDB IoT

Using Azure Cosmos DB with IoT Workloads – April 2023

Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB has numerous use cases, including IoT. One of the challenges with IoT workloads, however, is dealing with the deluge of data that IoT devices generate. Processing large volumes of data in real time and storing it in an efficient manner requires careful planning and execution if you want to […]

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AI Large Language Models Research

ChatGLM: The ChatGPT killer? Checking out ChatGLM6B

sentdex explores the concept of a GLM (General Language Model) and working with ChatGLM6B. Original GLM paper: GLM130B paper: ChatGLM6B demo:

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Could Faster Than Light Travel Be Possible? Here’s the Evidence.

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder explains why faster than light travel may not just be the stuff of science-fiction. If you’ve been following my channel for a really long time, you might remember that some years ago I made a video about whether faster-than-light travel is possible. I was trying to explain why the […]

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