Day: April 6, 2023


DeepMind’s AlphaFold AI: Doing Years Of Research In Minutes!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Highly accurate protein structure prediction with #AlphaFold” in the following video.

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Azure Python

Ask the Expert: Deploying a Python 3.11 Application to Azure App Service

Python 3.11 was released in October 2022 and the team wanted to work to make it available on Azure. In this session, Cloud Advocate Jay Miller will walk through deploying a Python 3.11 Application to Azure. Have questions on how to setup your project so that you can deploy/redeploy with ease?

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers, explained with MKBHD

Cleo Abram and MKBHD go on a quest to see a quantum computer in person.

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AWS Big Data Data

Analytics in 15: Ingest, Manage, and Analyze Data with Central Governance- AWS Analytics in 15

This video is from AWS Online Tech Talks. If your organization shares data, especially in large scale environments with multiple producer and consumer clusters, this is a session you don’t want to miss! Within 15 minutes, you will learn how Amazon Redshift can help you ingest streaming data, auto-copy data from S3, and centrally manage […]

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What do I need to know if my Free Tier period with AWS is expiring?

In this video is from Amazon Web Services, Jean Carlos shows you what you need to know if your Free Tier period with AWS is expiring.

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Red Hat

Cloud Outlook 2030: Get the Inside Scoop from Sageable Founder Andi Mann

In this episode, your host Stu Miniman (@Stu) gets the chance to have a candid conversation with Andi Mann (@AndiMann), CTO & Founder at Sageable. Sageable is a visionary advisory and consulting practice focused on helping business leaders succeed through digital transformation and technology innovation. Andi delivers strategic consulting on transformation and innovation, with decades […]

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Is Dopamine Addiction Real? Science Reveals the Truth

Sabine Hossenfelder recently learned there’s a new trend on social media: monk mode. It means cutting out distractions and going into self-isolation to become more productive. It’s supposedly based on science and particularly concerned with avoiding social media, because that’s addictive. But can social media really be addictive? Does the monk mode work? And what’s […]

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