Day: April 5, 2023

GameDev Open Source Video Production

Motion Canvas is now Open Source!

This video is from aarthificial covers a tool I hadn’t heard before: Motion Canvas. He uses it in his videos to great effect, would that be affect? 🙂

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Big Data Data

How to Get Started with CockroachDB Cloud API: A Step-by-Step Demonstration

In this video from CockroachDB see a demonstration of one use case for the CockroachDB Cloud API. Link to the public demo:

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Video Production Virtual Reality

How to Revolutionize Your Creative Process with Blender 5!

In this video stache talks about the newly released blender 3.5. I really need to start experimenting with Blender again. We talk about the new hair grooming sytem and hair grooming assets included freshly in blender 3.5. We also talk about the new VDM feature, which is also know as Vector Displacement Maps. We also […]

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Azure Developer

Patterns for Azure Functions

Join in and listen to Mark Graham, a Cloud Solution Architect in the UK, to discuss all things Azure Functions

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AI Developer Large Language Models

How to Build a ChatGPT Clone and Learn the OpenAI API with React Node.js

Code with Ania Kubów shows us how to build a ChatGPT clone with the API and React/Node.JS.

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