Day: March 24, 2023


Quantum Physics: Three Mind-Boggling Discoveries

Join Sideprojects on a mind-bending journey through the world of quantum physics, as he explores the true nature of particles, the observer effect, entanglement, and the practical applications of quantum computing.

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Large Language Models

The Model That Changes Everything: Alpaca Breakthrough (ft. Apple’s LLM, BritGPT, Ernie and AlexaTM)

AI Explained covers the latest LLM innovation: Stanford’s Alpaca, 8 years of cost reduction in 5 weeks: how Stanford’s Alpaca model changes everything, including the economics of OpenAI and GPT 4. The breakthrough, using self-instruct, has big implications for Apple’s secret large language model, Baidu’s ErnieBot, Amazon’s attempts and even governmental efforts, like the newly […]

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Meet the new Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool – Ep 74

This week on Azure Cosmos DB Live TV, Mark Brown welcomes the Solliance team responsible for developing and managing the next generation of the Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool. The Azure Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool is an open-source project containing a command-line application that provides import and export functionality for Azure Cosmos DB. […]

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Mathematics Statistics

How to Do Business Math & Statistics with Excel – Calculate Mean, Median & Mode

This video from codebasics explains how to do basic statistical analysis in Excel.. Mean, median and mode are basic statistical formulas that businesses use on daily basis to make data-informed decisions. In this video, I will give you a very simple explanation of these concepts using a few business use cases. We will also use […]

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Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel HACKED | BREAKING NEWS

In this video, CyberNews reports on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel being hacked.

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AI Google Large Language Models

Google Bard… the ChatGPT killer?

I recently got access to Google Bard and I wanted to ask it some coding questions, but was met with this response. Looks like Google has got some work ahead of them. This video from Fireship explains how Google just released Bard, an generative LLM similar to ChatGPT. Let’s take a first look at Bard […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Multi-Armed Bandit : Data Science Concepts

This video from ritvikmath explores the Multi-Armed Bandit problem and Making decisions with limited information!

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