Day: March 18, 2023

AI Large Language Models

GPT-4: Mind-Blowing Insights and Disappointments 😭

In this video Anastasi In Tech shares her insights on GPT-4. The paper “GPT-4 Technical Report”:

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AI Generative AI Video Production

NVIDIA’s New AI: Better AI Videos Are Here!

Two Minute Papers takes a look at the paper “Generating Long Videos of Dynamic Scenes” in the following video. Source code, datasets and pretrained models:

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Why this brick robot could be BETTER than 3D printed concrete

3D Printing has often been highlighted as the future of everything from manufacturing to organ replacement. Belinda Carr explains why 3D printed concrete homes have just been bested.

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AI Privacy

What are ChatGPT’s Plans for World Domination. Just ask!

Rob Braxman Tech has some predictions about AI. You’re not going to like them, It is my prediction that AI will be used deeply for mass surveillance and it is already embedded in iPhones and being considered as a law in the UK. But let’s find out what ChatGPT thinks. Let’s get the details of […]

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Hardware Quantum Computing Science

Cosmic Rays Kill Supercomputers. New Solution Explained

In this video Anastasi In Tech discusses how Cosmic Rays are Killing Supercomputers and Quantum Computers. Then she talks about new solutions to the problem. The paper: Distributed quantum error correction for chip-level catastrophic errors:

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AWS Data Warehouse

How to Build a Data Warehouse with Zero Infrastructure Management- AWS Analytics in 15

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables you to get started in seconds and run analytics workloads at scale without worrying about infrastructure management. Join this session to learn how to launch a serverless data warehouse and start running high performant analytics workloads. Learning Objectives: * Objective 1: See how to launch Amazon Redshift Serverless in just a […]

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AI Hardware

How Nvidia Grew From Gaming To AI Giant, Now Powering ChatGPT

This video from CNBC provides a fascinating look at Nvidia. Thirty years ago, Taiwan immigrant Jensen Huang founded Nvidia with the dream of revolutionizing PCs and gaming with 3D graphics. In 1999, after laying off the majority of workers and nearly going bankrupt, the company succeeded when it launched what it claims as the world’s […]

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Mathematics Statistics

But what is the Central Limit Theorem?

3Blue1Brown provides a visual introduction to probability’s most important theorem.

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