Day: March 12, 2023

Hardware Raspberry Pi

Build A Raspberry Pi NAS For $35 Using All New Parts

In this video, Michael Klements builds a Raspberry Pi based NAS using all new parts for only $35. This is obviously not going to be fast or have a significant amount of storage, but it’ll be great for a first-time NAS build to learn how they work and how to set them up.

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Current Events

Silicon Valley had a bank… HAD

How will the Silicon Valley Bank failure affect software engineers and tech startups? Find out why SVB got into trouble and what it means for the average programmer. This video is from Fireship explains it succintly. 🔗 Resources Silicon Valley Bank News USDC Depeg News

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Functools is one of the MOST USEFUL Python modules

Carberra explain why Functools is definitely one of the more useful packages in the standard lib.

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GameDev Python

How to Code An Entire Game Using ChatGPT

Nick White used ChatGPT to create an entire game from scratch using Chat GPT. Are we witnessing the birth of an entirely new kind of coder?

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Red Hat

GitOps Guide to the Galaxy (Ep 55) | Argo CD Control Plane

This video is from OpenShift. We are joined today by Gerald Nunn to learn how to use RHACM (Open Cluster Manager) and OpenShift GitOps together for Day 2 cluster configuration and management. This session will show how these two products can inter-operate with each other bringing their own unique strengths to the table making for […]

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