Day: March 8, 2023

Chatbots Generative AI

ChatGPT’s Sharp Edges: Glitch Tokens

Language Models’ Achilles heel: Rob Miles from Computerphile talks about “glitch” tokens, those mysterious words which, which result in gibberish when entered into some large language models.

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GameDev Generative AI Virtual Reality

How to Create a 3D World using AI Images

AI can be a great enabling tool for creators, not just a threat to the arts. In this video is from Prompt Muse, learn how to create a 3D immersive world using AI image generation.

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Databricks MLOps

Model Serving on the Lakehouse

Learn about model serving from a Databricks Lakehouse in this video is from Databricks. Model Serving is built within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and integrates with your lakehouse data, offering automatic lineage, governance and monitoring across data, features and model lifecycle. Simplify model deployment, reduce infrastructure overheads and accelerate time to production. With built-in auto-scaling […]

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This Is The CRAZIEST Rumor Yet About Binance CEO: CZ!

Think crypto is dead? Well, the drama around crypto is just getting started. In this video is from Crypto Tips, hear how the crazy the crypto world is right now.

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How Binary Works, and the Power of Abstraction

Josh’s Channel explains how and why computers store everything using only zeros and ones.

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