Day: March 3, 2023


Introduction to Linux – Full Course for Beginners

If you’re new to Linux, this beginner’s course is for you. You’ll learn many of the tools used every day by both Linux SysAdmins and the millions of people running Linux distributions like Ubuntu on their PCs. This course will teach you how to navigate Linux’s Graphical User Interfaces and powerful command line tool ecosystem. […]

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AI Chatbots Generative AI Natural Language Processing

Who needs ChatGPT – Make Your Own AI Chatbot

atomic14 shows us how to make our own AI Chatbot. Note: there is now (as of March 3, 2023) an API for ChatGPT. GitHub repo –

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What is Data Literacy?

There’s something to be said for intuition, but the next best decision for your organization can’t really solely on a “gut” feeling. Without data to shape your decisions, your business strategy may be based on hunches and [potentially wrong] assumptions. In this video from IBM Technology, Lexi Soberanis explains how to foster a business culture […]

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Interesting Robotics

Sci-Fi Reality: See this Exoskeleton that lets wheelchair users walk again at MWC 2023

King Felipe VI of Spain paid a visit to the stand of a company that makes life changing exoskeletons for wheelchair users. This video is from euronews. READ MORE :

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Drones Security

Hacker Drones are Finally Here

In this video is from Seytonic, learn about a new creative use for drones. Sources:

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

The World’s First AI-Flown Fighter Jet Can Dogfight

Next on the AI job removal list: fighter pilots. In a joint project between DARPA and the US Air Force, a special aircraft called the X-62 Vista (based on the F-16) became the first tactical aircraft to be piloted by artificial intelligence. This video is from CNET.

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Natural Language Processing Research

LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models (Paper Explained)

Large Language Models (LLMs) are all the rage right now. ChatGPT is the LLM everyone talks about, but there are others. With the attention (and money) that OpenAI is getting, expect more of them. LLaMA is a series of large language models from 7B to 65B parameters, trained by Meta AI. They train for longer […]

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