Day: February 1, 2023

AI Natural Language Processing Research

This New ChatGPT Competitor is Amazing !

Anastasi In Tech discuss New ChatGPT rival Claude developed by startup Anthropic AI

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AI Python

How to Automate Boring Tasks Using ChatGPT and Python

The PyCoach teaches us how to automate tasks such as sending emails/messages, plotting graphs and web scraping with ChatGPT. We’ll automate all of this using ChatGPT and Python.

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AI Red Hat

How to Unleash AI for every organization with Red Hat OpenShift and NVIDIA

As more organizations start integrating AI applications in their business to deliver better insights and more value to their customers, they are also faced with the complexity of integrating these AI solutions with existing infrastructures, scaling them and keeping them accurate. Red Hat and NVIDIA have partnered to unlock the power of AI for every […]

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AI Video Production

How to Turn AI Images into 3D Animated Characters: a Tutorial

Prompt Muse shows us how to get headshots from your trained AI models and create a 3D Character that you can control with your iPhone.

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Azure DevOps

Learn How to Automate Azure infrastructure change reviews by using Bicep and GitHub

In this video is from Microsoft Developer, learn how to Run automatic checks during a pull request. Determine how you want to create ephemeral environments in your Azure environment. Create ephemeral environments within pull requests.

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Using ChatGPT to write programs for the Commodore 64

Retro Hack Shack sees what happens when you ask ChatGPT to write programs for the Commodore 64? Let’s try it! Thanks to PCBWay for sponsoring this video.

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