Day: January 27, 2023

AI Data Data Science Red Hat

The Top 4 Advantages of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science!

Unlock the power of data science with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science (RHODS). Our platform allows you to easily deploy, scale, and manage your data science projects in a secure and efficient environment. With built-in support for popular frameworks and languages, Red Hat OpenShift streamlines the data science process and empowers you to make data-driven […]

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Interesting Philosophy Fridays

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Why You Should Study Risk Taking, Not Risk Management

Live from RiskMinds International, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Trader and Scholar & Risk Engineer at NYU-Tandon School, shares his thoughts on our understanding of risk, the human factor, and what our grandmothers got right.

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How to Design a mission-critical workload on Azure

In this video from Microsoft Developer, David Blank-Edelman is joined by Sebastian Bader and Martin Simecek from Microsoft Azure for a deep dive on how to get started designing, deploying, and monitoring mission critical applications, including a look at reference architectures and explanation of some of the terminology.

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Red Hat

In the Clouds (E34) | Let’s Talk OpenShift 4.12 Update

This video from OpenShift talks about the latest update to the platform, Across industries and business sectors, senior leadership has to execute at an ever-increasing pace, and today’s technology decisions must balance short-term risk with long-term gains. Join host Stu Miniman as he leads insightful and candid discussions with a broad spectrum of experts, executives, […]

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Interesting Windows

What’s inside a .EXE File?

Inkbox explains what’s inside the Windows Executable. Explored also is programming without a compiler, linker, or any kind of processing code before execution. Is programming in raw machine code possible?

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