Day: January 24, 2023

Red Hat

How to Achieve Compliance and Governance with Advanced Cluster Management, Pt. II

OpenShift has Scott Berens and Mina Karamercan from the Advanced Cluster Management product team on  to discuss the management of containers at scale and how to build a scalable container solution while putting all of your compliance and operational needs first.

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AI Generative AI

Who Is REALLY Making Billions From ChatGPT

Enrico Tartarotti explains who’s going to make the most money from ChatGPT. Microsoft and OpenAI are about to make a possibly historical deal to take control of the exploding world of AI. ChatGPT is just the first hint of what will come in the coming years. TL;DR: Satya Nadella is a genius. While most videos […]

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Tkinter Data Entry Form tutorial for beginners – Python GUI project

In this video from Code First with Hala learn how to create a responsive data entry form with Tkinter. Use buttons, labels, and entries. Position with the tkinter grid system. Add error popups.

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How do I install a GUI on my Amazon EC2 instance running Amazon Linux 2?

Amazon Web Services explains how to add a GUI onto an Amazon Linux 2 instance.

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Current Events Livestream

Big Tech Layoffs and More

Today’s livestream I did on FranksWorldTV..

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How to Get Started with Databricks Academy

Databricks explains how to get started with Databricks Academy.

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