Introduction To Statistics For Data Analysts — New Course!

Considering a new career path? Then check out this video from Enterprise DNA.

As Data Analysts, we are constantly drawing conclusions from sample data about larger populations. Here at Enterprise DNA, our goal is to equip Data Analysts like you with the full suite of knowledge and skills you need to excel and continue to grow in this critical role.

Thus, we’re very proud to launch our first course for the new year, Introduction to Statistics for Data Analysts developed by Dr. Andrew Gard, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lake Forest College and founder of the YouTube statistics channel Equitable Equations.

This first course in a series introduces you to the key statistical concepts, and focuses on univariate analyses. Watch as Brian and Dr. Gard talk about the importance of statistics as a data analyst and what you can expect from this course.

Know more about this new course here:


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