Day: January 23, 2023

Databricks FinTech

Databricks Lakehouse makes payments ingestion and analytics simple

Financial institutions are increasingly adopting ISO 20022, an industry standard for exchanging electronic messages. Providing structure and dedicated fields for payment details, the formatting standard creates communication efficiency. This demo focuses on writing the ISO 20022 format with the Lakehouse architecture and how to apply analytics on those payments and sensitive workloads.

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Career Data

Introduction To Statistics For Data Analysts — New Course!

Considering a new career path? Then check out this video from Enterprise DNA. As Data Analysts, we are constantly drawing conclusions from sample data about larger populations. Here at Enterprise DNA, our goal is to equip Data Analysts like you with the full suite of knowledge and skills you need to excel and continue to grow […]

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Machine Learning

What’s New in the ML.NET CLI

Jon Wood goes over what’s new in the ML.NET CLI tool.

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