Day: January 16, 2023


Full Course on SQLite Databases With Python

In this course from learn the basics of using SQLite3 with Python. SQLite is an easy-to-use database engine included with Python.

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Link and Dataverse: Part 1 – Introduction to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse

This video is from Azure Synapse Analytics. Welcome to part 1 of our Azure Synapse Link and Dataverse – Better Together series! Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse is an amazing feature that only a few have heard about. Take a moment to learn more about how it unlocks options for Analytics, Reporting, Integration and much […]

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Career Data

5 Study Hacks for Beginner Data Analysts

Alex The Analyst takes a look at 5 fool-proof study hacks for beginner data analysts.

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Unreal Engine 5 – Full Course for Beginners provides this full course on how to create games with Unreal Engine 5 in this full course for beginners. This course will give you a solid foundation and will enable you to be able to develop any sort of game in Unreal Engine 5.

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How To Create a Simple Animation Movie In Notepad Using HTML

Coding DJ shows us how to create a simple animation Notepad using HTML.

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AI FinTech

How to Build a Trading Bot with ChatGPT

Siraj Raval shows us how to use ChatGPT to make a trading bot. I gave ChatGPT $2000 to invest with and in this video i’ll explain how we built the trading algorithm and what the returns looked like after 24 hours of live trading. First, a disclaimer – Do NOT invest any money in any […]

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