Day: January 11, 2023


CES Exclusive Interview | Marja Koopmans, Director, Alexa Smart Home & Health

In this video is from Alexa Developers, hear from Marja Koopmans, Director, Alexa Smart Home and Health, chat with Emerson Sklar, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon, about how the vision for Smart Home is anchored in ambient intelligence— technology that is in the background when you don’t need it and comes forward when you need it. […]

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What is ChatGPT & Who is Behind it?

Yeah, yeah, I know ANOTHER ChatGPT post. But this one is is from Valuetainment, which is Patrick Bet-David (PBD)’s, YouTube channel/podcast. PBD always provides a great outlook from an entrepreneurial perspective. So his take on ChatGPT is key to understanding the business impact of the technology, which technologists tend not to always see right away. […]

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Red Hat

How Boston University elevates learning with Red Hat OpenShift

In this video is from OpenShift, Jonathan Appavoo, Associate Professor at Boston University, explains how he built an innovative, containerized lecture/lab education environment to teach the basics of computer science using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS and Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. Jonathan uses this containerized cloud services platform on AWS to provide a scalable, […]

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How Starburst uses CockroachDB to power Starburst Galaxy

In this video is from CockroachDB, David Phillips, CTO of Starburst Data, with a detailed deep dive (including diagrams) into how data access and analytics company Starburst uses CockroachDB managed services as the highly performant engine driving Starburst Galaxy, the company’s MPP (massively parallel processing) data query engine and platform. Full slides for this presentation […]

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Microsoft Power Apps

Power Platform CLI Exposed: Solutions

In this second video of a 12-part series from Microsoft Developer on the Power Platform Command Line Interface,

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