Day: January 5, 2023


DeepMind’s New AI Surpasses Humans At Some Things!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Improving Multimodal Interactive Agents with Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback” in the video below.

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Livestream Windows

Windows 11: The Airing of Grievances

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Atomic Habits Author James Clear on How to Break Bad Habits

Tim Ferriss interviews James Clear, a writer and speaker focused on habits and continuous improvement. Which is a good thing to focus on this time of year.

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AWS Databricks

How Thermo Fisher streams data insights on the Databricks Lakehouse

Here’s a session from the re:Invent . Thermo Fisher Scientific empowers their customers to help make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Converting raw streaming data into comprehensive views for fast and accurate decisions required a simple, open, and efficient data architecture. Learn how Thermo Fisher addressed challenges across data engineering, streaming analytics, model development, […]

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Azure SQL

Azure SQL VM: Azure Backup & restore for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

In the next episode in the Azure SQL VM series, join Anna Hoffman, Logan Carrington, and Kartik Pullabhotla as they discuss various options for Azure Backup and restore on SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

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ChatGPT absolutely DOMINATES Arduino programming

Hanqaqa explores how the ChatGPT will even change the embedded programming world.

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AI Generative AI

Can ChatGPT write a good melody?

Marc Evanstein tries to make a bot into a composer.

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