Quantum Computing Explained In 20 Minutes

Quantum Computing is a hot topic as the technology nears the point at which it will have commercial applications.

Most of the world’s largest technology companies are researching it and many of them have even put Quantum Computers on the Cloud for clients to use. But why is Quantum Computing so different? What can it do that no traditional computer ever could? More importantly, what does it mean to me or my business? – and how can I sound wise and cool by explaining how it works without requiring a degree in Quantum Physics?


Richard Hopkins is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a senior quantum ambassador for IBM. He has spent the last thirty years designing solutions that generate value for businesses using innovative technologies. Starting with biometric national identity card systems, post office automation, through welfare reforms and into the realms of national security and regulated Cloud, he has adopted and adapted new information technology to meet the needs of citizens around the globe. Beyond the day job he creates robots to encourage kids into STEM. He lives in a beautiful market town in Yorkshire with his wife, three adult kids, four dogs and seven cats. One of the dogs is a robot.


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