Day: November 14, 2022

Data Driven

Data Driven Podcast Update

Andy is currently in Seattle attending the PASS Summit and I will be headed to AWS re:Invent this year! We hope to do some live streams from both conference and share them here!

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Interesting IoT Maker

The Type of LED You Should be Using!

Dave takes you on a tour from the first LEDs to the latest in LED technology, the individually addressable LEDs such as Neopixels/WS2812B style. From the quantum effects to how to wire their data line, Dave covers it all!

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Interesting Mathematics

Millennium Problems: Math’s Million Dollar Bounties

For those not willing to roll the dice that their mathematical discoveries will be important enough to earn one of these large cash rewards, there is good news. There are a number of specific math problems for which there is a cash bounty given to the first person to solve them. The most famous of […]

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A Smaller & Faster Arduino?

Learn how to create a simple project showing the charging particle animation on the OLED screen using the Arduino-compatible board Seeed XIAO. The XIAO board is smaller and faster than Arduino. The expansion board includes a lot of additional sensors as well as an SSD1306 128x64px OLED display with an IIC interface.

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Quantum Computing Science

Bell’s Inequality: The weirdest theorem in the world that won a Nobel Prize in 2022

John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger won the Nobel Prize in physics for 2022. Their work built off of one of the most important results in all of physics; Bells Theorem, invented by the late John Stewart Bell. Here we discuss why Bells Theorem is one of the most important, yet bizarre, results in […]

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Quantum Computing

The Uses of IBM’s Next Generation 433 Qubit Chip

At this year’s IBM Quantum Summit, there were multiple announcements: 433 Qubit Processors, 512 Quantum Volume, record residence times, and a new 100×100 strategy. Why is quantum computing useful and not just some pie in the sky.

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Google Hardware

Google’s Open Source Hardware Dreams

An overview of the Build Custom Silicon with Google program.

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The New and Incredible* mac OS terminal!

Check out Warp Terminal, a new modern terminal for the 21st century. We will take a look at AI Command Searching, Workflows and other cool stuff. And finally some new customizations to my dot files and plugins 🙂 #macos #warpterminal #homelab

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