Day: November 3, 2022

DevOps Red Hat

GitOps Guide to the Galaxy: Progressive Delivery with Argo Rollouts

Progressive Delivery is at the heart of application deployments. How do you do dymanic progressive delivery deployments in a static GitOps world? In this episode, Christian Hernandez is back to explain Argo Rollouts, and how it fits into the bigger GitOps picture. Join GitOps all-stars Christian Hernandez Hilliary Lipsig and guests for a fun and […]

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From Transistors To Tetris Part 1 : Computer Architecture

My dad was an TV repair technician. I would watch with fascination when he would take apart televisions and radios and see the circuit boards that brought these inanimate objects to life. Here’s a YouTuber who is doing something similar (kind of) I’ve been building a 1970’s era computer out of discrete transistors for the […]

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AI Google Research

Google Presents: AI@ ‘22

Hear from Google’s AI and Research teams about our latest work in the fields of robotics, natural language understanding, accessibility, healthcare, and creativity. Content starts around 10 minutes into the stream.

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Data SQL Server

How to Architect your Azure Data Estate with Well-Architected Framework

In this episode of Data Exposed: SQL Insider Series with Anna Hoffman and Sergey Khimchenko, learn about the value of Microsoft Well-Architected Framework for your Data Estate. Replacing traditional “architecture reviews” with a different approach – making sure that we architect Data Estate with modern capabilities for performance efficiency, reliability, security, cost efficiency and operational […]

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Red Hat

What Is OpenStack?

This Edureka ‘What Is OpenStack’ tutorial will help you in understanding how to use different OpenStack services and how its architecture is built. You will also learn about each of the services in detail and how to provision tenants with instances in order to develop a project.

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