Day: November 2, 2022


New Video Upload : Happy #NewYear!?

Happy #NewYear!? Yes, New Year’s in November.

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Hardware IoT

Rock 5B: Powerful RK3588 SBC

Rock 5B RK3588 single board computer review, including hardware specification, and demos running Debian and Android. Also drive speed tests and Kdenlive rendering test, and experiments with the HDMI input.

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Containers Red Hat

OpenShift Coffee Break: KubeCon NA 22 Recap!

Get your espresso ready for the OpenShift.TV Coffee Break as we go through all big announcements made at KubeCon NA 22 in Detroit to discuss latest news about the great Kubernetes community and ecosystem!

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Networking Privacy Security

You won’t believe how UNSAFE your home router is!

Your router is the gateway between your devices and the internet at large. If it’s compromised, it’s like leaving the front door to your home network wide open, allowing malicious actors to enter. Unfortunately the routers most of us use are VERY insecure, with all kinds of known vulnerabilities. In this video Naomi Brockwell goes […]

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AI Design

The Future of User Interfaces with A.I.

Pondering the future of user interfaces with advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence

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Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete, Here’s Why

Military robotics technology is not far behind as our world becomes more advanced. If you have seen Corridor Digital’s parody video, you may know what the future will look like. Don’t worry; the realism of that video is a testament to the advancements in visual effects at the Los Angeles production studio, and not necessarily […]

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AI Data

How Data and AI Are Revolutionizing Telecoms

Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer, AT&T, dives into how AT&T leverages analytics and AI to improve the customer experience and shares his perspectives on change management, business value realization and talent development. Andy also sheds light on AT&T’s AI use cases and governance frameworks as well as their experience using Databricks to drive innovation in […]

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