Day: October 25, 2022


Git Commands With Examples

This DevOps Tutorial on Git Commands will explain all the basic Git commands. Learn about the commands like git add, git init, git pull, git branch etc.

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AI AWS Computer Vision

Identity Verification using Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Textract

This demo shows how an end-to-end identity verification solution can be developed using Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Textract. Source Code –

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AI Red Hat

Project Wisdom Demo

AI-powered Project Wisdom automates deployment of a web application in Visual Studio Code. Project Wisdom is a Red Hat initiative developed in collaboration with IBM Research to infuse Ansible with artificial intelligence and gain a set of unique capabilities. The first capability planned for Project Wisdom, content generation, will allow users to enter a request […]

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How to Build the Ultimate Home Lab Dashboard!

A home lab dashboard allows you to organize and aggregate the services, applications, and other solutions you have running inside your home lab environment without having to save cumbersome browser bookmarks and other means. It provides a centralized portal to share across all the devices you have on the network for easy access to your […]

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AI Hardware

New IBM Computer Chip Explained

In this video Anastasia discusses the new IBM AI Chip – Artificial Intelligence Unit.

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Robot Decision Making – Computerphile

Deterministic route finding isn’t enough for the real world – Nick Hawes of the Oxford Robotics Institute takes us through some problems featuring probabilities.

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Red Hat

Data Mobility with Volsync | The Cloud Multiplier: Ep. 10

Running highly-resilient, highly-available applications in the world of multicluster, cross-region, multicloud compute is a challenge in itself, but what happens when your application needs persistent data? What does a live, cross-cluster application look like with persistent data? What about backup and disaster recovery? John Strunk and Tesshu Flower join the Cloud Multiplier to talk about […]

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Generative AI

Stable Diffusion in Code (AI Image Generation)

Mike Continues his look at AI Image Generation with Stable Diffusion

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Data Sharing with Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Powered by open-source Delta Sharing, Databricks Lakehouse platform provides an open solution to share live data with customers, partners, and business units across clouds, regions, and data platforms, without any data replication or vendor lock-in.

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