Day: October 17, 2022


New Video Upload : New Week. New Desk

New Week. New Desk

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Developer Interesting

Latency Numbers Programmer Should Know

Good things to keep in mind when architecting systems.

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Containers Red Hat

OpenStack Tutorial – Operate Your Own Private Cloud (Full Course)

Learn how to use OpenStack and manage your own private cloud.

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Weaponized Tor is being Spread on YouTube

Hak5 is a great resources for the latest in cybersecurity news and apparently there are some shenanigans going on with Tor.

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How to Build a Power Efficient Home Server

Now that the old house is sold and the move is officially complete, I can start planning out my new home lab. Given that the price of utilities is only going to go up, I want to make it fairly power efficient. Here’s a video I found on how to do just that.

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How to Create Amazon CloudFront Distribution

This Edureka “AWS CloudFront” video will introduce you to the fundamentals of AWS CloudFront and also explain various Content Delivery concepts.

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Quadrillion Dollar Technology

In this video Anastasia discusses the new big opportunity in tech and what will be the Next Quadrillion(!) Dollar Company.

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Quantum Computing Science

Entanglement-Optimal Trajectories of Many-Body Quantum Markov Processes | Hannes Pichler

In this talk Hannes Pichler presents a method to solve the equations of motion of open quantum many-body systems. It is based on a combination of generalized wave function trajectories and matrix product states. More specifically, we developed an adaptive quantum stochastic propagator, which minimizes the expected entanglement in the many-body quantum state, thus minimizing […]

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AI Red Hat

Accelerate and improve healthcare diagnoses at the medical edge

Operationalized Validated Patterns delivered through event-driven architectures can greatly accelerate a project from proof of concept to a production-ready deployment. In this comprehensive demo, we take you under the covers on Red Hat’s edge validated pattern for healthcare. This pattern shows how organizations can ingest discrete data patterns, in this case, an X-ray image, into […]

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Kafka in Action (Teaser) • Viktor Gamov & Tim Berglund • GOTO 2022

Viktor Gamov’s co-authored book “Kafka in Action” ensures that you have a list of recipes to dive into. Joined by Tim Berglund, VP DevRel at StarTree, they explore the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. Learn what Kafka can help you achieve, what Viktor’s favorite MCU film is and what “Highway to Mars” by Beast In Black […]

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