Day: October 7, 2022

FinTech Startups

Wisetack | Fintech for the Real World

Recorded in 2021. Wisetack provides financing platform for in-person services like home or auto repair businesses, enabling them to offer customers the option to buy now and pay later. Greylock general partner and Wisetack board member Josh McFarland spoke with Wisetack co-founders Bobby Tzekin and Liz O’Donnell when the company announced its Series A.

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Career Microsoft

Microsoft Student Summit –Bengaluru India

Video from Microsoft Student Summit Bengaluru India, a free 3-hour long event that offers higher education students like you the opportunity to engage with the Microsoft student developer community and innovate with like-minded people in your area while building technical skills.

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Mathematics Research

Researchers Use Group Theory to Speed Up Algorithms — Introduction to Groups

This is the most information-dense introduction to group theory you’ll see on this website. If you’re a computer scientist like me and have always wondered what group theory is useful for and why it even exists and furthermore don’t want to bother spending hours learning the basics, this is the video for you. We cover […]

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Video Production

The Visual Effects Crisis

We marvel at the amazing visual effects in our TV and movies, but the people behind it all are not in a good place.

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Generative AI

Dalle-2 Is Now Open to Everyone! – Getting Started Tutorial

Dalle-2 is now open to all users that want to give it a try. You can get some free credits when you sign up to try this AI Art generation tool. In this short video I give you some tips for using it as well as how my photography benefits from having a tool like […]

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