Hardening Your Open Source Software

With all the data breaches in the new lately, now may be a good time to learn more about securing your stuff.

Emmy is the senior manager for the supply chain group that falls under our product security organization. Her team is focused on securing the systems involved with modifying and storing our offering code. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two children, husband, two cats, and bulldog. She loves exploring the great outdoors through sailing, kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding in her free time. She started her cybersecurity journey in the Army and has been with Red Hat for a year and a half, growing an organization from the ground up.


#DataScientist, #DataEngineer, Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster at http://DataDriven.tv . Back @Microsoft to help customers leverage #AI Opinions mine. #武當派 fan. I blog to help you become a better data scientist/ML engineer Opinions are mine. All mine.

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