Day: September 13, 2022

AI Python

Build a Machine Learning Python App in 15 Minutes Coding Challenge

In this episode, this developer tries to build a machine learning app to track deadlifts all done using nothing but Python.

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Generative AI

How to Generate AI Art Using Stable Diffusion

In this video, learn how to the free Stable Diffusion model to generate AI art! We’ll also use Video2X to upscale it.

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Microsoft Red Hat

Power of a Connected Ecosystem – Red Hat, Accenture, and Microsoft in conversation

In this discussion, leaders from Microsoft, Red Hat and Accenture discuss the value of working together via a connected ecosystem, driving innovation for our customers. Hear what the power of a connected ecosystem brings.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers Explained in 200 seconds

Quantum computers are about to portray a fundamentally different view of how our world functions. You see in classical physics, we were taught that an object exists in a defined state . Which are 1 and 0. Our computers exist in this manner. And a bunch of these 1’s and 0’s, billions even, all combined […]

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Alexa Speech and Voice

Alexa Developer Office Hours – September 13, 2022

Join Jeff Blankenburg and special guest Sid Dube (Sr. Product Manager, Monetization Tech) as they answer your questions about Alexa development, in-skill purchasing, and Alexa Skill Deals. No tags,

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10 Code Editors Tested and Reviewed

The top 10 code editors for programmers in 2022.

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Camera Recording Tool in Python

In this video, learn how to build a camera recording tool in Python.

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