Day: September 8, 2022

Apple Linux Windows

Warpinator: Easy Network File Transfer between Windows, Linux, Android & iOS

Warpinator free utility for making network file transfers between two computers running Linux, Windows, Android or iOS. Video includes installation in different OS, demos, preferences, and tips for dealing with potential setup issues. Warpinator was developed by the Linux Mint team, and has a GitHub page here:

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AI Generative AI Video Production

What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Writes a Video

Kyle Hill explores what happens when he lets an AI write his script. How does deep learning work? What is a neural network? What happens if I let an A.I. write a science video and say whatever it spits out?

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Rotating Planets in JUST CSS! Simple Tutorial

In this video Ania will be showing you how to build rotating planets with shadows that follow the sun.

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