Day: August 9, 2022

Red Hat

New Video Upload : Getting Started with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

Getting Started with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science a quick look at how easy it is to get started with RHODS (Red Hat OpenShift Data Science)

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Mathematics Statistics

How To Update Your Beliefs Systematically – Bayes’ Theorem

Here’s a great video that explains Bayes’ theorem with examples and implications for life. I didn’t say it explicitly in the video, but in my view the Bayesian trap is interpreting events that happen repeatedly as events that happen inevitably. They may be inevitable OR they may simply be the outcome of a series of […]

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AI Neural Networks

How Deep Neural Networks Work

This is part of the End-to-End Machine Learning School Course 193, How Neural Networks Work at

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Microsoft Security

Hackers Have a New Strategy – How to Defend Against It

The threat landscape is ever changing. Now that MS Office files disable macros by default on files from the internet, malware creators have already begun to adapt. But knowing their plan makes it easy to prevent.

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Podcasts Quantum Computing

Debunking Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claims, Learning resources, and using Quantum Computers to better predict the weather

The latest happenings in Quantum Computing brought to you by our favorite AI presenter. Scientists say they’ve debunked Google’s quantum supremacy claims once and for all Everything you wanted to know about quantum computing, but were afraid to ask Sign Up for Qiskit Quantum Explorers! Quantinuum Makes A Significant Quantum Computing Breakthrough By […]

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